YuanPao Profile


YuanPao was founded.
Dedicated to the design and manufacture the machines for food packing.

The current General Manager, Mr. Steve Chen, joined company. He initiated developing and manufacturing the machines for the printing factories who produce the paper for Dot-matrix Printers.

To provide the customized machines to meet customers’ requirements in different business field.

Starting to produce paperboards and enter glue coating process.

Manufacturing and marketing the customized colored paper tape for well-know branded companies.


Our mission is simple and clear: to provide the best and affordable price to our global partners and customers. With over 34 years of experience in the machine industry, we know how to make the products in perfect and best-in-class solutions. Through the long-term business strategies and innovative developments, YuaoPao can prove to be a renowned value-added and customer-oriented manufacturer in the tape industry.